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Pelagis is an Atlantic Canadian ocean-tech company focused on aquaculture and marine spatial planning. The company's platform delivers a unified cloud-native digital farm management solution (FMS) allowing operators to manage daily on-site workflows while providing enhanced visibility and predictive insight across the organization. Based on open standards and industry best practices, the Pelagis FMS marries the benefits of data driven processes with location-based analytics streamlining access to key performance indicators to promote sustainable best practices. 

Product Overview


Manage inputs and workflows

Quickly plan and manage your marine site to optimize capacity, reduce costs and improve yields.

Create mobile workflows, assign tasks and get updates live from the site. 


Connect to the site and get more done

The Pelagis FMS provides a secure collaborative environment for site planning, management and reporting as well as an offline-first mobile app for on-site data collection and workflow management.  


Predictive Insight and Analytics


Through our deep knowledge of location-based analytics, we provide a competitive advantage to farm operators through predictive insight into the health and welfare of the marine site while streamlining the compliance reporting to regulatory bodies and local communities. 

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