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Pelagis Data Solutions (“Pelagis”) is an ocean-tech company founded in Sydney, NS with primary focus on aquaculture and marine spatial planning. At our core, we are an "agtech" analytics venture delivering data-driven insights to ocean food producers.

Product Overview

Manage inputs and workflows

Quickly plan and manage your marine site to optimize capacity, reduce costs and improve yields.


Modeled as a digital farm management plan, the Pelagis FMS marries the benefits of data driven processes with location based analytics providing operators with real-time access to key performance indicators.

Connect to the site and get more done

Create mobile workflows, assign tasks and get updates live from the site.


The Pelagis FMS provides a secure collaborative environment for site planning, management and reporting as well as an offline-first mobile app for on-site data collection and workflow management. 

Predictive Insight and Analytics


Through our deep knowledge of location-based analytics, we provide a competitive advantage to farm operators through predictive insight into the health and welfare of the marine site while streamlining the compliance reporting to regulatory bodies and local communities. 

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